About Us

Imagine - it is a hot summer day, 

You with your friends have gathered at the beach but John (one of your friends) forgot to bring the football…

‘’Ouh John, we were supposed to have fun!’’ :(

Everyone is frustrated because there is nothing to do than just lay in the sand or swim, but then…

You remember that you have this tiny little disc in your pocket - HERE COMES THE MOONER, and saves the day!

‘’MVP, MVP, MVP!!!’’ (your friends are chanting at you!)


Say hello to the combination (and also the smallest cousin) of the frisbee and the ball - the Moon Disc!

  • The unique design and its shape allows the Moon to fly 200 feet or in, other words, 60 meters far! 
  • The material is awesome - it is impact resistant - throwing it against a wall or a rock will do nothing, even if runned over by a car - still nothing!
  • With the Moon Disc, we aim to show the people, especially children, that there are a lot of fun ways to spend your day outside, rather than gaming your life away!
  • The Moon Disc also helps to develop hands’ muscularity and quickness, plus you will definitely upgrade and develop senses of your motorics, and you will simply be great at catching things!